Maintenance mode is a period in the game during which the experience will no longer receive any new updates in the form of new content, bug fixes, balance changes, etc.

We will aim to keep the current iteration of Evercore Heroes up for as long as we can for you, the community, while we work on the new iteration of Evercore Heroes.

The following changes are active during maintenance mode:

  • While in Maintenance Mode, the game will be open access for everybody. Simply create an account to play!
  • Founder’s Packs will no longer be available for purchase
  • Everyone coming into the game as new player will get the Free Battle-pass only, the Founder's Battle-Pass is only for those who already purchased it during Closed Beta
  • There will be 8 heroes available (4 starters + 4 new ones) to all players by default, including our newest hero Ace Everstar.
  • All prices in the store have been reduced by 50%
  • The Creator Program is still available, with 10% of in-game item purchases going towards creators (thanks to our friends at for working with us closely here).
  • We will keep access to servers available 24/7, but we may have to make changes based on population at a later time