Evercore Heroes is currently in Closed Beta, and we highly appreciate all the assistance we receive to enhance the game and address any bugs. If you encounter any issues, we kindly request that you share the bug reports with us for prompt resolution.

To report a bug, please reach out to our dedicated support team by clicking the Contact button below or visit our Discord. They will require the following details to investigate and fix the issue as quickly as possible:

  1. Reproduction steps: Please provide a detailed account of how you encountered the bug, including the specific actions or conditions leading up to it.

  2. Expected outcome: Describe what should have originally happened in the game or the expected behavior.

  3. Actual outcome: Explain what actually happened instead—the specific bug or unintended behavior that you observed.

  4. Screenshots or Videos: If possible, capture and share screenshots or videos of the bug. You can utilize platforms like YouTube or similar services to provide video evidence.

Once you provide these details, our team will initiate an investigation promptly. We sincerely thank you, on behalf of the entire team, for your time and interest in helping us improve the game. Your feedback and support are highly valued.