Currently, Evercore Heroes is in the Beta phase, and you can face some problems during installation. Here are some key points you should check before installing the game:

  • If you cannot launch the game due to missing components like Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime, see this FAQ.
  • If you get an infinite loading button in the Launcher, see this FAQ.
  • Some Anti-Virus software may block or remove the game/launcher as it is a new game. Check your Anti-Virus settings (e.g. temporarily disable it, or add Evercore Heroes to the whitelist).
  • If the game is installed in a restricted folder without read/write access, you may need to run the Launcher in administrator mode. Right-click on the Launcher executable and click "Run as administrator". 
  • If the game is consistently stuck on a certain percentage, you can try "Use alternative game download location" from the Launcher settings (cogwheel top right)
  • If pressing “Sign In” in the Launcher does not open a new webpage to authenticate, close your browser(s) and try again, changing your default browser can help. 
  • If you have installed the game before, but can’t patch the game, it can help to remove the game files and do a fresh install.  Go to settings on the launcher and use the clean installation file function 
    • In case you get an error that the file is in use. Could you restart your computer and re-run the Launcher to update?
  • If you see "Connecting..." on the Home screen indefinitely, or have a gray/white screen, make sure the Launcher is running in the background. If that is running, check your firewall or other protection software that may limit the connection to Vela servers. A PC restart may also help.
  • If you crash from the Lobby to the loading screen or at launch, it may indicate that your hardware is not sufficient. A dedicated graphics card is needed to run the game. Look for any driver updates for your GPU and other hardware.
  • Uninstalling the game through the Control Panel will remove the launcher, not the game files. Go to settings on launcher and use the clean installation file function

If the issue persists, please reach out to Vela Support for further help!